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Our passion is helping people live healthier happier lives. It is our desire to be a couple you can look to for advice through our experiences.   We coach our challengers through their at-home programs via email and social media.


I help women see and feel their worth no matter their size.
As a positive body image activist, I work with women who want to feel confident, happier and healthier.  I believe that self-confidence is the foundation of what creates a woman’s life. Because when you truly believe in yourself you’ll radiate life, unknowingly help others and be a great example to the next generation.


My passions are cars and movies. I am a builder at heart which means I can end up getting myself involved in just about anything (from Legos to handyman projects to auto restorations) I also love connecting with people and I get told by my friends, I am a driver, and a go getter. We have couples fitness challenges to help you and your spouse stay healthy!